Experts Guide: Best Gifts for Kids.

Looking for something special to gift your littlest East Coaster this holiday season?

We’ve found some cool kid gifts, all recommended by experts (toy shop owners and moms!), to help make Santa’s visit super awesome this year.

Expert’s Guide: Best Gifts for Kids

Marlene, Owner, Dancing Bear Toys, Frederick Maryland

The Hape Discovery Space Center has been huge. Guess every kid wants to go to the moon – or beyond! Also hot – and a great stocking stuffer – is Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty, made in the US (outside of Philadelphia). Our customers love anything retro, and most of our retro toys are made by Channel Craft in North Charleroi PA. Awesome company with an awesome mission to promote traditional, top-quality toys.

Amanda, Blogger, DudeMom

My kids have always been big fans of toys with wheels.  But, we like to keep it fresh by adding to that awesome a little bit.  This Tube Toy, found at the MoMa Store, is a fun way to connect their love of things-that-go to their desire to build things.  Another cool MoMa find: New York In a Bag.  If you’re visiting the Museum of Modern Art while in town to enjoy the NYC holiday sites, it’s a really cool souvenir to take home and put under the tree!

Julie, Blogger, Julieverse

KEVA was provided as a sample to us about 5 or 6 years ago and, like Marble Mazes, they’re still played with and loved. We’re all amazed at the vast creations kids (and adults) can create with little wooden planks.

Thein Kim, Blogger, I’m Not the Nanny

There is a new generation of Furbies that syncs via a free app so kids can give it check-ups, feed it virtual food, send it to the bathroom, give it baths, etc. Adds another dimension to the toy. They can still play with just the Furby but if they use the app it works on Android and iOs.

Jennifer, Blogger, Jennifer P. Williams

My son is getting Jenga for Christmas.  He plays it at my mom’s house and he loves building things and the possibility that the tower is going to fall. I love the light in his eyes when he says, “Oh yeah. I’m gonna get you now,” and he does a little dance.

Liza, Blogger, (a)Musing Foodie

My 8-year old daughter got the Melissa & Doug Pizza Party – Wooden Play Set when she was 3. I love how durable it is, as well as simple without a lot of “fluff” or breakable parts. It’s lasted through her, my 5-year old son, and younger cousins – all making their variations on pizzas!  Also, kids love reading and watching Harry Potter, so what would be more fun than cooking Harry Potter-inspired recipes from The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook? Butterbeer, Ron’s Love Spell Sugar Cookies, Cauldron Cakes – and more! Great for children to get inspired in the kitchen (and the young at heart too).

Mindi, Blogger, Simply Stavish

Right now my kids are both pretty obsessed with tee pees. The Land of Nod has a nice one and there are several etsy shops that make them.  Or, you can attempt to make your own teepee if you have time.

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