Cumberland Valley Arts & Crafts Week

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(Photos by Village Artisans Gallery. Courtesy of Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau)

The first week of October marks an exciting time for arts and crafts lovers from all over the East Coast who may find their way into charming Cumberland Valley, PA. Voted #6 on a national voting poll for the Top 10 Towns for Craft Lovers in America, Cumberland Valley embarks on their 3rd year as an American Craft Week destination.

This year, visitors can expect over 100 events at over 40 locations throughout the Cumberland Valley from October 2nd-11th. The public is invited into the area’s museums, galleries, shops, and restaurants that will host local artists and craftsmen as they present their crafts through demos, classes, workshops, special sales, and so much more!

In a Cumberland Valley press release, American Craft Week co-chair, Diane Sulg, states that the significance of the week is to shine a bright spotlight on handmade craft. “This is so important for many reasons. First, a huge number of people are involved in these small businesses producing high quality, well-designed goods. When we buy these goods we are supporting them and the funds have a huge impact on our country’s economy and our local well-being. Moreover, travelers love bringing home treasures that they cannot buy at their local mall, hence craft galleries, fairs and exhibitions are a large part of cultural tourism.” Sulg was also quoted as saying, “Our hats are off to the Cumberland Valley for the great job they do promoting their cultural resources. Their staff has excelled at recruiting and marketing these important community resources, putting the Cumberland Valley region in the company of the best-known arts destinations.”

The size of the event continues to grow with over 100 events during the week, which allows for larger marketing efforts and a greater range of attendees from all over the mid Atlantic region! With over 40 locations holding events, The Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation (CAEDC)  is able to spread the word of American Craft Week to its largest audience yet. This number of events marks over a 600% increase from the first year Cumberland Valley participated in American Craft Week! Don’t miss this spirited week of incredibly talented artists and artisans, just in time for the holidays!

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