Host a Memorable Maryland Wedding At The Lodges At Gettysburg

When it’s time to plan your wedding, there are so many choices to be made. However, finding the perfect venue is the top of the list. The Lodges at Gettysburg is the perfect site for your wedding. Along with beautiful views and amenities, the Lodges offers a wide variety of services that make wedding planning easy.

Easy Organization

We all know that planning a wedding can be stressful. From the basics of location to details like catering and entertainment, planning weddings can be emotionally draining. When you plan a wedding at the Lodges at Gettysburg, you’re sure to have a relaxed, beautiful event where you can focus on the true meaning of the experience. The Lodges has an on-staff wedding planner to help you navigate your options for every aspect of your wedding, and they offer a variety of options for every aesthetic. Whether you want to approach your lakeside ceremony by horse-drawn carriage or have a simple yet elegant ballroom setting, The Lodges has you covered. Full-service catering in a variety of options is available on site. As a popular location, The Lodges has developed relationships with outside vendors of all sorts and are happy to assist with every other step in your nuptial planning.

Perfect Setting

Located just far enough out of the city, The Lodges at Gettysburg will feel like a private retreat for you and your guests. You’ll be able to keep the party going even after you’ve concluded your ceremony by ensuring your guests have accommodations on site. Your guests won’t need to worry about a designated driver after your champagne toasts, and they’ll adore The Lodges luxury accommodations.

Stunning Views

One of the most significant advantages of having your wedding at The Lodges at Gettysburg is the stunning views year round. Located on one of the highest ridges in the area, The Lodges offers beautiful vistas with the green and rolling hills. In the fall, the local foliage offers a blazing backdrop to your photos. A blanket of snow in the winter brings a tasteful and seasonal elegance. Meanwhile, in spring and summer, the local history and landscape genuinely shine. No matter the season, The Lodges are the perfect place for a stunning wedding that you and your guests will remember forever.

Book A Wedding To Remember at Lodges at Gettysburg!

Eastern Home and Travel is your ultimate resource for living and traveling on the East coast. Whether you’re looking to get away for the weekend or you’re planning a gorgeous wedding, the Lodges at Gettysburg and the surrounding city is a great destination. If you’re interested in learning more about hosting an event at The Lodges at Gettysburg you can request a proposal or call them toll-free at 877-607-2442 to get started!

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