Stylish Design is a Lakefront Breeze

For homeowner Mary Jean Tarentini, few places are off-limits when it comes to finding unique items to decorate her lakefront Pennsylvania home. Thrift shops, estate sales, church or school sales, and even the local junkyard are all options, especially when working with a skilled interior designer, such as her friend, Mary Ellen Gianuzzi, owner of The Feathered Nest in Luzerne, Pa.

The two collaborated to update Tarentini’s rustic and cozy cottage home by using antiques and found items for inspiration and pairing them with contemporary touches to give a more modern feel to the home.

“Old things fit in anywhere. It’s just a matter of finding the right place to make it fit,” says interior designer Mary Ellen.

For instance, in the Tarentini’s kitchen, modern conveniences such as updated appliances pair well with an antique copper sink and older cabinets, to give a unique and pleasing design.

To maintain harmony elsewhere in the home while using eclectic antiques, homeowner Mary Jean uses white as her main color palette for furniture and walls.

“It’s extremely clean. It never gets old. I’m able to intermix my furniture. I’m always moving my things because everything matches,” she explains.

This neutral palette allowed designer Mary Ellen to incorporate some surprising textures in the home to add interest.

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