5 Trends for Refreshing Your Style this Summer


We’ve seen them everywhere this summer–from bedspreads in crisp white bedrooms to bowls and plates in kitchens. Butterflies are classic, eclectic and so versatile. A butterfly pattern is perfect to express your whimsical and child-like, yet refined and sophisticated, personality.  



Mirrors not only reflect your gorgeous face, but they reflect light from outside, making your home brighter and sunnier for the summer. We especially love walls of little mirrors and mirrors with antique frames.


Floral Wallpaper

Antique-looking wallpaper has been huge this year and for summer, what better complement to the blossoms outside in your garden! We really like a light background with a bold pattern to brighten your room while keeping it interesting.



All shades of green have been featured in summer decor examples for 2017 (maybe because of Pantone’s color of the year?) and we’re huge fans! Decorating with green in your furniture, area rugs, throw pillows, or duvets bring the summer into your home–it reminds us of our growing gardens!


Wicker Furniture

Wicker is generally considered part of a beachy decor, but this year, wicker is being used all over the house. We’ve seen wicker bedroom sets in pastel colors, to outdoor wicker rocking chairs. All gorgeous and great for warm weather!

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