Travel: 5 East Coast Travel Blogs to Read Before You Go

east coast travel blogs

Travel blogs and websites are a wealth of information. They’re the perfect place to find insider’s tips, engaging photos, first person accounts, and suggested itineraries.  But with so many online it’s tough to find ones you can trust that are also useful and cool.

Here are a few we think you should check out if you’re planning an East Coast vacation.  Yep, it’s Washington’s official travel website which makes it, um, really official, which doesn’t sound fun at all.  But it is, totally.  We find it the best place to discover the what’s what on what’s up in the nation’s capitol.  Also, the section devoted to kids and family is stellar and officially filled with tons of fun and free activities for kids and families in DC.

Uwishunu.  Another well done blog by the people who work the kinks out of tourism for the city, the Uwishunu blog is done by the same crew that work Philly’s tourism department.  It’s no wonder they have all of the best insider tips on events and awesome going on in and around the city of brotherly love.  We particularly enjoy their guides, like this one on Philly Beer Gardens, and this one The Oval Pop Up Park.

Charleston Food Bloggers.  Not a hi-tech, super fancy site or even the place to go for critical restaurant reviews, it’s a place for people who enjoy food.  They report on foodie type news and updates that affect the Charleston food community, but they also give really great info for those who want to eat in Charleston.

(cool)Progeny.  This blog is about a mom’s love for the city of Baltimore and how she’s living life fully in it with her kids.  It’s not going to give you detailed traveler’s itineraries or city guides, but it will give you rich adventures and off the beaten path destinations that are kid friendly and fun.  If you want to explore Baltimore like a true Baltimorean with a kid, this is site is your happy place.  Her weekend Baltimore family events roundup is informative and this Baltimore date night idea post is perfect even for the non-kid-owning set in town for the weekend.

Overnight New York.  A go to site for honest hotel reviews written by a pro.  Terry Trucco, the site’s creator, has reviewed more than 100 hotels in the city.  What we love most about this site?  It’s trustworthy and unbiased thanks to the writer’s policy: We visit each hotel anonymously, have a meal, check out the rooms, scrutinize the surroundings and always pay the bill. We don’t take freebies.

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