Travel: Last Minute Getaway Planning Tips


Summer is quickly coming to a close, but there’s still hope for you to sneak in a quick getaway.

Here are some last minute getaway tips to help you slip away before this summer does.

1.  Be flexible.  You may not be able to book the same house at the same beach that you got last summer.  In fact, you may have to snag a smaller place on a different beach a few blocks back.  Doesn’t mean you won’t have an awesome experience.  It’s often those off the beaten path destinations that people find the most memorable.  And, if you’re open to not being at the most visited beach in the most touristy area, you might find some hidden gems to make this your most enjoyable vacation yet.  Too late to snag a place on the Outerbanks?  Check out the rustic, wooden cabins of Long Point and Great Island on the undeveloped island of Cape Lookout National Seashore.  The cabins can only be reached by boat and allow visitors to have a true getaway with adventure and privacy.

2.  Use technology.  Because you’re not alone in your life of procrastination, there are a ton of cool apps that help last minute travel planners like yourself take advantage of deals from the palm of your hand.  Hotels and Last Minute Travel Deals by Jetsetter and Hotel Tonight are two great ones to start with.

3.  Drive instead of fly.  Booking airline travel can be a pain in your pocketbook if you wait until the last minute.  Driving is an easier way to allow you to escape and still stay in budget.  For East Coast dwellers, there are plenty of drive-there destinations for all kinds of travelers.  Whether you want a quiet beach getaway or a secluded mountain retreat, you’re likely to find something you can reach, by car, without breaking the bank.

4.  Opt for a Staycation.  Chances are, depending on where you live, there are areas right around your home that haven’t been fully explored by you.  Visit some local museums.  Dedicate a day to trying new restaurants in your city.  Go on a hike.  Shop a new boutique.  Catch a live performance.  And, don’t be a afraid to drive a little to get there.  As long as you are able to make it home the same night and avoid paying extra for lodging, you can count your day full of activities in a nearby city as a staycation!

5.  Use a deal site.  Or buy a package.  You may have to compromise on where you stay, or fly at times that aren’t ideal, but purchasing travel and lodging as a package deal is a great way to save on last minute travel.  The same with shopping for travel excursions on deal sites.  You will likely encounter date restrictions and such, but you may be able to snag some great getaways by visiting the places that are working with the deal site for promotion.  And also, see item 1 in this list on being flexible!

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