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Briede Family Vineyards

by lorettabriede

Detailed Information

Briede Family Vineyards is a small boutique vineyard.  We establish our vineyard in 2013 on the very land we raised our family.  Our respect for sustainable agriculture has always been in the forefront.  Virginia is very new, as a whole, to the wine industry and their plenty of opportunity to try new things that will advance our industry.   In this vein, we have embarked on a journey to make excellent wines from grape vines that need little chemical.   These ‘hybrid” grapes are winning awards and changing the way we look at farming.    We invite you to step into our boutique vineyard and experience these wines.   We love what we do and  are here to share that passion with you.   Please check our webpage www.Briedevineyards.com for times and events.   CHEERS!

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