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The Catoctin Furnace Historical Society, Inc., commemorates, studies, and preserves the rich history of the industrial village, including the architecture, cultural landscapes, lifeways, and foodways of the workers. Bringing to light the long-neglected contributions of the enslaved workers who were the furnace’s first laborers is a central aspect of our mission, as is working toward economic revitalization of the village for its current residents and training emerging professionals.

Seasonal festivals and events celebrate the village’s unique history and the Museum of the Ironworker tells the stories of the men and women who lived and worked in the furnace and village. The African American Cemetery Trail, which has 11 interpretive panels with village history and information about iron making, winds through the woods leading from the furnace ruins to an overlook oriented toward a cemetery of enslaved ironworkers. The collier’s log house is a house museum with historic kitchen and pollinator gardens in the rear of the property.


Overnight at the Foreman House

The Forgeman’s House has been beautifully and accurately restored by the Catoctin Furnace Historical Society, Inc. (CFHS). It was built during the winter of 1820-1821 to house workers at the Catoctin Furnace and is in the heart of the historic village. All revenue from overnight stays is used by the Historical Society to restore and maintain the historic structures in the village.

To read more visit: https://catoctinfurnace.org/forgeman/

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