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At Eastern Home & Travel, we are fascinated and delighted by the unlimited destinations to explore throughout the eastern United States. From Maine to Florida, and in between, we believe there’s no shortage of travel-worthy places to explore.

Aspiring travelers look to our expert writers to explain the best attractions in and around the East Coast. If you’re seeking unique destinations with a variety of delicious and inventive places to eat, exciting activities to engage in, amazing museums and historical sites to visit, and boutique accommodations where you can relax at the end of a long day of exploring, you’re in the right place.

We encourage our readers to try out places “off the beaten path” as well as locations that are on the vacation bucket list for seasoned travelers. We focus on pet-friendly and kid-friendly locales as well as stops for romantic getaways.
If you have exploring on the brain, be sure to bookmark Eastern Home & Travel, for fresh ideas and interesting content, updated on the regular.


Memorable destinations, luxurious accommodations and imaginative getaways for active travelers who enjoy discovering new places and revisiting old favorites.


Design innovations, distinctive products and inspiration for readers who view their home as an oasis.

Accessible Luxury

Wine, food, history and the arts — the things that enrich our lives and appeal to our educated and adventuresome readers.

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