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Travel: 5 Unique Luxury Hotels on the East CoastVacationing should include a mix of exploration, adventure, and relaxation.  For some of us, traveling is also about finding unique ways to engage in the surroundings you’re visiting.  What if you could find uniqueness without even leaving your hotel?!  Stay at one of these one-of-a-kind destinations and you can! 5 Unique Luxury Hotels to Visit on the East Coast   The Liberty Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts Were you in Boston in the early part of the 20th century, the Liberty Hotel, formerly the Charles Street Jail, was not a place you’d want to visit.
Sodas Worth Sharing.   The folks at Avery’s Beverages in New Britain know a thing or two about attracting kids to drink their sodas, and their parents to buy them. 1. Give the drinks crazy, gross ­sounding names. (Swamp Juice, Toxic Slime, Dog Drool, Bug Barf…) 2. Add bright, fun colors, but keep the ingredients natural (real cane sugar and naturally pure well water). 3. Top them off with a bottle cap announcing them as “totally gross soda,” and add this tagline to the front: “It’s SODAsgusting.” Boom. Sold.
Destination of the Week: Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, located in the Laurel Highlands of Southwestern Pennsylvania, is a luxury destination for those looking to get away.  Located on 2,000 gorgeous wooded acres, Nemacolin offers accommodations and activities to satisfy the tastes of visitors of every kind. Nemacolin Woodlands Resort 1001 Lafayette Drive Farmington, PA 15437 866.344.6957 724.329.8555 Online: Before you book your next getaway, here are some things you need to know about Nemacolin.
Travel: Cove Point Lighthouse *Giveaway!*As all of us East Coasters know, we are fully entrenched in the throes of winter. Following the recent polar vortex, we could all use a little sizzle in our lives.  Why not add some to yours by planning a getaway at the Cove Point Lighthouse on the Chesapeake Bay in Solomons Maryland. Visitors to the historic site can stay in the two and a half story keeper’s duplex situated alongside the active lighthouse on over seven acres of land.